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Feast your senses on the sheer beauty in our Suites, the authenticity of modern and contemporary decor, subtlety of grace, indulgences of luxury and tranquility. An extensive selection of luxurious suites equipped with a variety of therapeutic essential oils that provide natural healing in your holistic space. Reflecting elegance through thoughtful styling, each of our suites comes equipped with a sense of luxury in addition to all the other amenities and conveniences.

We can assure you that you are in for experiences aimed at exceeding your expectations. While we take our reputation for healthcare and hospitality very seriously, you can rest assured that your stay in these accommodations would only add to our objective for serving you better.

Book yourself to the comforts of an elegant suite and holistic décor. Personalized treatment plans that include relaxing massage and other relevant therapies.

For viewing or bookings, kindly contact us:

4th Floor, Hadi Clinic

Email: ew@hadiclinic.com.kw

Mobile & Whatsapp: 60747479