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  • NeurologyTo be the leading provider of quality neurology healthcare, built on the foundation of patient, centered service, focusing on safety and a commitment to easy access. To identify and meet the neurology healthcare needs of the people and earn patient trust in the neurology services.


Detail history and clinical exam
  • Based on newest relevant clinical practice guidelines and evidence based medicine, updated continuously with recommendations of American neurology association (ANA) and European academy of neurology (EAN) and other relevant sources.
  • Using of available grading scales and diagnostic criteria for many neurological diseases (e.g. Mini mental score exam – MMSE ; NIH-stroke scale ; Glasgow coma scale ; H_B scale for Bell's palsy, MIDAS and HIT-6 for migraine, CHADFS-2 score for Cerebrovascular diseases prevention...)

Neurophysiologic Testing


  • EMG
  • NCS
  • EVP
  • TCMS soon
  • Applicable in diagnosing of LMN and muscle diseases (disc disease with radiculopathy, diabetic and other neuropathies, fibromyalgia, myopathies...), ANS lesions, myasthenia gravis, multiple sclerosis, brainstem lesions, Bell's palsy...



  • TCD sonography
  • TCD monitoring
  • Applicable in diagnosis of CVD (brain infarctions, cerebral haemorrhage, subarachnoid haemorrhage, subdural haemathoma, cerebral venous thrombosis, vascular dementia...) ; vascular headaches ; monitoring for circulating microemboli in prevention of cerebral and cardiac infarction

Electroencephalography (EEG)
  • Procedures:
  • Conventional EEG
  • Video EEG
  • Diagnostic tests for epilepsy, useful in some other conditions involving brain

Diagnosting spinal tap (lumbar punction) and analysis of cerebrospinal liquor

Useful in some condition involving CNS (e.g. multiple sclerosis, immunological conditions involving CNS, CNS infections, communicating hydrocephalus)

    Other tests:

  • Complete blood investigations (laboratory department)
  • Neuroimaging: X-ray, CT&CTA, MRI&MRA (radiology department)


General neurology
  • Medical treatment following relevant worldwide clinical practice guidelines Patient centered care and safety approach Multidisciplinary approach, when needed
  • Every working day OP clinic (friday soon!)
  • 24/7 covering of urgent cases

  • Migraine cabinet
  • Abortive and preventive management of migraine
  • Improving of disability of daily living activities and quality of life
  • Outpatient and day hospital based management
  • Newest treatment with human monoclonal antibodies available!

  • Neurogenic pain management

    Management of headaches, diabetic and other peripheral polyneuropathies, compressive neuropathy e.g. carpal tunnel syndrome, radiculopathies in disc disease, sciatica, trigeminal neuralgia, postzoster neuralgia...)

  • Outpatient management and day hospital based management
  • Medical treatment, plexus block, integrative methods
  • Trancutaneus electric (and magnetic, soon) stimulation

  • Other specific consultations and management
  • Stroke cabinet
  • Cerebrovascular diseases treatment, education and prevention Outpatient, day hospital or inpatient management, depend of patients condition

  • Epilepsy cabinet
  • Epilepsy consultation hours: management, patients and relative education and support

  • Dementia cabinet
  • Cognitive testing, education for relatives, management, support

    Integrative medicine options

    Individual approach for appropriate patients


    Physiotherapy for stroke patient, radiculopathies in disc disease, diabetic polyneuropathy, Bell's palsy in physiotherapy department

    Clinc Working Hours & days

    OPD:fluctuating, Ramadan time 8.15AM – 11.45AM

    Procedures by appointment

    Urgent cases 24/7

    Neurology Team

    Dr. Goran Nikoloski

    Neurology Senior Registrar