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  • PediatricsLike all patients, children visiting Hadi receive the very best care and attention - in a homely atmosphere. The consultants offer treatment advice, development assessment, and an active immunization program. Parents can consult with the pediatricians on any individual child-care problems for children up to the age of sixteen years.

Clinical Services

Services Provided:
  • Nursery for the care of normal and sick infants premature babies
  • Senior Pediatric consultants covering the outpatient clinics
  • Pediatric chest allergy clinic
  • Well baby clinic for the care and monitoring development of infants
  • Pediatric Emergency Department
  • Pediatric In-Patient Department
  • Pediatric intensive Care Unit
  • Pediatric Neurology / Psychiatry Clinic
  • Pediatric cardiology clinic
  • Immunization against : chicken pox, Influenza and Hepatitis A and meningicoual vaccin
  • Free Health consult through the phones

Pediatric Team

Dr. Mamdouh Refat

Head of Pediatric & Neonatology Department Pediatric and Neonatal Consultant

Dr. Khalda Abdallah Rashed

General Pediatrics Consultant

Dr. Tarek Kotb

Pediatric Consultant

Dr. Nisreen Elabiad

Pediatric Consultant

Dr. Fayez Mahmoud Hafez Labib

Pediatric Consultant

Dr. Jaya Gunavardhanan

Assistant Registrar Pediatric

Dr. Ahmed Safwat Saleh

Pediatrics (NICU) Registrar

Dr. Asmaa Ibrahim

Pediatric Registrar

Dr. Katya Peycheva

Pediatric/NICU Registrar

Dr. Ahmed Samir Ahmed

Pediatric Registrar

Dr. Mohammad Hammam Mohammad

Pediatric Registrar

Dr. Hesham Mahmoud Gobran

Pediatric & Neonatology Registrar

Dr. Rokaia Said Abdel GhafarEish

NICU Registrar