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  • Pediatrics

    Our Dear valued parents,

    It is a pleasure to share with you some facts about our Pediatric department with its unique staff, services, and goals. The Department has been providing the best affordable care for children and babies for more than 40 years. Hadi Pediatricians are the most expertise in the field, and through their commitment, and providing high quality care they built up patients trust and excellent reputation. As appreciation to our loyal and other families our Pediatrician are available 24 hour a day. Healing children is our responsibility and making them and their families happy is our vision. Happiness is achieved through various ways including staff skill and dedication, providing quality care, implementing family centered care, family education and engaging in the care plan, well-being of everyone and continuity of care. We provide a flavor of services to meet the children needs and their families satisfaction. Among the services are emergency Pediatrics, Consultant clinics, clinic and phone consultations, preventive pediatrics counciling and home visits.

    Specialty clinics treat children with asthma, allergy, behavioral and neurological disorders, heart problem and the well-baby clinic for growth monitoring of infants. EEG and pulmonary function tests are performed in the Specialty clinic as well.

    Our well-equipped NICU, PICU and Inpatient Wards provide the best and safest care for critically ill babies and children by expertise staff. We care much for the safety of our babies and the well-being of their parents, that is why we send Whatsapp photos daily to the parents of admitted babies to ease their stress by facts.

    Furthermore, Hadi established the luxurious wellness rooms where post-delivery mothers will enjoy royal comfort and practice a flavor of relaxation techniques. Mothers, also, receive breast feeding session by our lactation consultant since Hadi is a breast feeding friendly hospital.

    In short, maintaining your children health is our trusted profession and making everyone happy is our dream.


We provide full spectrum of services form birth till 12 years old on both inpatient and outpatient basis. We offer development assessment and active immunization program.

Services provided:
  • Emergency Department
  • Nursery for the care of normal and sick infants and premature babies
  • Well baby clinic for the care and monitoring development of infants
  • Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
  • Safe ambulance transfer of sick children from and to Hadi
  • Free health consult through the phones
  • Breast feeding education
  • Pediatric Emergency Department:

    Services provided:
    • Dealing with acute medical problems such as high or persistent fever, severe infections, difficulty breathing, severe pain, dehydration, seizures, and severe allergic reactions
    • Resuscitation of sick children.
    • Working hours

      OPD Schedule: (24 hr/7)

      Consultants – 8:30 am to 1:30 pm 4:00 - 9:00 pm

    Pediatric Team

    Dr. Mamdouh Refat

    Head of Pediatric & Neonatology Department Pediatric and Neonatal Consultant

    Dr. Khalda Abdallah Rashed

    General Pediatrics Consultant

    Dr.Raafat Abed Raad

    Consultant Pediatrician/Neonatologist

    Dr. Tarek Kotb

    Pediatric Consultant

    Dr. Nisreen Elabiad

    Pediatric Consultant

    Dr. Fayez Mahmoud Hafez Labib

    Pediatric Consultant

    Dr. Jaya Gunavardhanan

    Assistant Registrar Pediatric

    Dr. Ahmed Safwat Saleh

    Pediatrics (NICU) Registrar

    Dr Oksana Feshchuk

    Pediatric Registrar

    Dr. Katya Peycheva

    Pediatric/NICU Registrar

    Dr. Ahmed Samir Ahmed

    Pediatric Registrar

    Dr. Mohammad Hammam Mohammad

    Pediatric Registrar

    Dr. Hesham Mahmoud Gobran

    Pediatric & Neonatology Registrar

    Dr. Rokaia Said Abdel GhafarEish

    NICU Registrar