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  • Urology
  • The urology department in Hadi hospital provides the most recent diagnostic and therapeutic services according to the international urological clinical practice guide lines, the department is equipped with the most advanced facilities for both endoscopic and surgical treatment of male and female genitourinary system in both adult and pediatric patients

Scope of services (Surgical)

  • Laser Stone Surgery Center using flexible scopes is the most advanced technology in treating renal and ureteric stones, Hadi hospital was the first to introduce such technique in the private sector. For more than 7 years the urology department is performing procedures for renal stones (RetrogradeIntrarenal Surgery)and ureteric stones using state of art scopes, laser and disposables for such procedures with successful outcome compared to bestcenters in the world performing similar procedures, proper assessment of patients prior to surgery is the key of success such preparations include routine labs, renal and bladder U/S and plain CT KUB, patients are admitted on the same day of the procedure and discharged after 24 hours of surgery. The ease of postoperative period allows patients to go back to routine daily activities as early as one-day post-surgery
  • Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL)for Renal and Ureteric Stones, Hadi hospital has the state of art ESWL machine, the machine works in parallel with laser stone center,ESWL is done as a day case without anesthesia, session takes around 45 minutes. Hospital discharge 2 hours following the procedure
  • Urodynamic Studyfor diagnosis of patients with persistent or recurrent urinary incontinence and urinary problems, procedure done in outpatient clinic
  • Endoscopic Treatment ofBenign Prostatic Hyperplasia,using routine monopolar transurethral resection of prostate and the most recent bipolar plasma vaporization and resection which is more safe to patients than monopolar technique. Laser treatment of the prostate using diode laser is also offered in Hadi hospital to selected patients with multiple comorbidities
  • Endoscopic ResectionofBladder Tumors,, patients diagnosed with bladder cancer undergo complete transurethral resection, the specimen is send for histopathological examination for diagnosis of type of bladder cancer and further treatment according to the stage of bladder tumor
  • Endoscopic Treatment of Urethral Stricture,Stricturefollowing urethral infections or penile trauma, Hadi hospital offers both traditional visual internal urethrotomy and laser internal urethrotomy to lower recurrence rate, urethral catheter is left in place for few days' post-surgery.
  • Penile Surgery for Erectile Dysfunction,the choice between semirigid and inflatable penile prosthesisfor best outcome following surgery, usually patient has to do penile Doppler prior to surgery
  • Botox Injectionfor patient with Overactive and Neurogenic bladder,bladderpatients complaining of urinary incontinence not responding to medical treatment, day case procedure done in 10 min and the patient is discharged on the same day, some patient might need urodynamic study prior to Botox injection
  • Varicocele Surgery,for treatment of male infertility showing poor semen parameters on routine semen analysis, such surgery may be also indicated in men with persistent scrotal pain and men with hypogonadism
  • Hypospadias Surgery ,in children, surgery is better to be done before school age or even earlier.
  • Surgical Treatment of congenital anomalies of genitor-urinary system,
  • Surgery for Undescended Testis,day case procedure that should be performed 9 months after delivery
  • Surgery for Female Stress Urinary Incontinence, day case procedure offering patient the choice between different sling procedures including TOT (trans obturator tape) and TVT (trans-vaginal tape) some patients might need urodynamic study prior to surgery
  • Surgery for TorsionTestis, emergency procedure that has to be performed within 6 hours of diagnosis using scrotal Doppler
  • Surgical Treatment of Genitourinary Tumors(bladder, renal, testicular and prostatic tumors)

  • Urology Clinic Working Hours

    Daily from 8 am till 12 pm

Urology Team

Dr. Wael Magdy El Saied

Head of Urology & Urology Specialist

Dr. Alaa Abdel Rahman

Urology Specialist

Dr. Fathy Mokhtar Mohamed Elbarbary

Urology Registrar

Dr. Mohammed Ismail

Urology Registrar