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Hadi Clinic is acknowledged by Accreditation Canada.

Hadi Clinic joined the ranks of internationally accredited hospitals with the award by Accreditation Canada. The award of this certificate to the Hospital after such a relatively short period of time means a great deal to Hadi, as it serves to confirm that Hadi Clinic has met the International Standards related to both the quality of Medical / Clinical Services and Patient Safety. This has been achieved through the collaborative efforts of all staff and demonstrates the commitment of Hadi Clinic to meeting International Standards of Patient Care, from admission to discharge. Receiving this award was only the beginning and an incentive to continue to improve and progress to even higher standards.

In this regard, we wish to reassure both patients and Medical Practitioners that choosing Hadi Clinic means choosing the highest standards of Quality & Safety. Achieving this model at Hadi will also contribute to the development of Health Services in Kuwait and ensure that Kuwait becomes one of the leading providers of Quality Healthcare in the Middle East.

This certification recognizes Hadi Clinic’s commitment to quality healthcare, preventive healthcare and adherence to the best practices and the provision of services that are on a par with international requirements.

The Canadian approach to accreditation is a rigorous peer review process comprised of a self-assessment against a set of standards. It not only assists us in identifying opportunities to improve patient care and services, but also serves as a means of transparency and accountability to our communities.