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About Us

Beauty Avenue by Hadi Clinic is a leading aesthetic clinic specializing in a complete range of self-enhancement and beauty treatments. Conveniently located in Kuwait, we offer our clients with world-class treatments, exceptional service, a sophisticated yet relaxing atmosphere. Our treatments are suitable for both men and women, and our plans are always tailor-made specific to your unique needs.

Clinical & Aesthetic Solutions

A personal, client-led approach… At Beauty Avenue we pride ourselves on taking a personal, client-led approach to help us achieve the first-class results that you desire. Our relationship with you is of utmost importance, so before any procedure a consultation with our Dermatologist will be arranged to help us understand your needs, personal circumstances and desired results.

During this consultation, we will also be able to help advise you on the different dermatology & cosmetic medicine treatments available and the best course of action to achieve top results. The consultations are wholly transparent and will give you the opportunity to become fully familiarized with the procedure, recovery time, and any other implications before you make a final decision. All our dermatology and cosmetic medicine services are suitable for both men and women.