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Wellness is a stage of being physically and mentally health, it is a path of natural life-long journey that requires personal responsibility and commitment.

Wellness center believes that harmony between mind, body and soul is the key to ultimate happiness and wellness, we deliver the concept of holistic health care through different services

Wellness is "...a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity." - The World Health Organization

Our Services:

*Diet consultations:

Whether you are addressing a specific health concern or simply you want to improve your eating habits and assure that you are getting enough nutrients. A nutrition consultation is one of the best things you can do. It's a face-to-face consultation, where you will go during one hour through a deep interview to know more about your family and medical history, your concerns and needs before formulating an individualized nutrition plan.

An initial diet consultation or follow-up includes some, or all, of the below services depending on each individual's needs:

Dietary Assessment:
    • Biometric assessment to check your height, weight, waist circumference and body composition (muscle mass, fat mass, water)
    • A customized and personalized diet plan to your specific health needs
    • Lifestyle & workout recommendations
    • Menu planning, optimal food choices and shopping lists
    • Delicious and healthy recipes for you to try at home

You will leave your appointment with effective strategies to enhance your diet and ensure that your nutritional needs are being optimally met.

Healthy food memberships:

Food is powerful and can positively affect our health from the inside out! Ready Meals delivered to your home save your time, make your life easier and ensures you eat well-balanced diet. You will choose personalised healthy meals from a. A nutritious meal plan is developed to suit your particular health issues, allergies and lifestyle needs.

We have different packages:  change and evolve.

Slim and trim

Fit mind and body

Clean and lean

Taste and treat

Nourish and lift

Yoga and meditation:

Are you Looking for a safe, gentle and effective yoga practice that can give you the benefits of traditional yoga while enjoying?

Whatever is your body type or temperament, by practicing yoga, you can develop strength and balance as well as flexibility. You can also maintain a healthy body and stimulate your mind.

Meditation is a discipline used to reach a deeper state of awareness by observing the mind, a regular meditation practice provides a world of physiological, psychological, and spiritual benefits

Meditation can be an important tool for achieving your highest states of health. It can balance and lift your moods, resulting in a more positive outlook on life.

Practicing yoga and meditation regularly can also help you gain clarity and perspective, which can help you to achieve your goals.

We offer group and private yoga and meditation classes, for beginning and experienced participants. We will engage you in a variety of mindfulness practices in order to relieve stress and calm the mind

Wellbeing consultations :

Are you seeking for complementary healing support parallel to your medical treatment? or simply you want to improve your daily lifestyle through natural treatment?

Through personalized wellbeing consultations sessions with our coach, we will discuss your health concerns and dissolve the habits and patterns that are holding you back from achieving your highest potential.

We will guide you through a personalized wellness program, while providing you with useful life tools to return home with. You will Learn how simple and practical daily lifestyle choices can transform your life and how to overcome challenges by transforming and empowering the different areas of wellbeing: social, spiritual, emotional, physical, environmental,..

Experience the freedom of true health where feeling positive, active and happy everyday becomes normal for you. Your ultimate wellbeing can be achieved; you need only to master your mind to master your life. This exceptionally powerful methods help you to live a life you love by discovering your true purpose and develop skills to fully embrace the inspiring life you were born to live.

Live the life you love to live!

Wellness Center Team


Dietitian / Deputy Manager

Hanan Mohammad Eid Albaharat