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A warm welcome to our new physician to Hadi Family! Dr. Nouf Yousef Ahmad AlObaidan - Specialist Family Medicine


مستشفى هادي

A warm welcome to our new physician to Hadi Family! Dr. Radhika Subhash Puntambekar - Obstetrics & Gynaecology Doctor


مستشفى هادي

A warm welcome to our new physician to Hadi Family! Dr. Hala Abdelwahab Abdelatif - Consultant Obstetrics and Gynecology


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A warm welcome to our new doctor - Dr. Hoda Tarakmeh - Senior Specialist Internal Medicine and Rheumatology


Dr. Hoda Tarakmeh
Senior Specialist Internal Medicine and Rheumatology

MBBCh, MRCP(UK), SCE Rheumatology (Royal London hospital)
Member of KAR, BSR and SLE Euro Association

Cases of treatment 
Inflammatory arthritis (Rheumatoid arthritis, Psoriatic arthritis) 
Gout and Crystal arthropathies
Connective tissue diseases (SLE, Scleroderma, inflammatory myopathies and Sjogren’s disease)
Auto inflammatory conditions (Bechet’s disease)
Joint injections, both diagnostic and therapeutic MSK ultrasound

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A warm welcome to our new physician to Hadi Family! Dr. Syed Aziz Hussain Hashmi - Anesthesiologist


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The Inauguration of the new Hadi Clinic Cardiology & Internal Medicine Center of Excellence.


With cutting-edge technology and the latest holistic and clinical care approaches, Hadi Clinic provides yet another innovative instrument to provide high-quality health care to the community.

At Hadi, we endeavour to give exceptional levels of advanced medical care. Seeking input from patients and their families regarding improvement of services, the patient journey and everyday operations of the hospital, Hadi set about creating a centre of excellence in medicine. The pioneering technology and luxurious, tasteful surroundings provide a welcome addition to the Hadi vision of wellness. In addition to the breathtaking settings of the new centre, Hadi prides itself on its most renowned and sought-after International, European and North American qualified physicians.

The inauguration ceremony took place on Thursday, 1st September 2022 and was chaired by Mr Fahad Al-Mailem (General Manager of Hadi Clinic) and his Excellency Sheikh Fahad jabber Al-Sabah.


 “We have always kept the wellbeing of our clients in mind while striving to introduce newer and better standards of services and facilities, encompassing a holistic care approach to healthcare provision”, said Dr. Faten Al-Mailam, Hadi Clinic Deputy General Manager. 


Hadi has adopted Integrative health practices and multi-disciplinary care strategies to enable a seamless patient experience.


The inauguration of the new clinics for the Cardiology and Internal Medicine Center of excellence is a step forward to ensure our patients can effortlessly experience our care within the principles of holistic and integrative medicine. The newly launched facility will ensure patients are treated promptly and provide a stress-free environment. 


The facility not only encompasses a state-of-the-art Cardiac Care Unit but an attached Cardiac Catheterisation Laboratory and multiple outpatient clinics. The new centre of excellence is close to the Emergency Department, catering to critically ill patients with life-threatening cardiac conditions, saving essential minutes in intervention. In so doing, Hadi Clinic matches the international cardiac critical care provision standards, of which we are proud. 



“The best environment for healing is where patients, families and healthcare providers can collaborate and support each other”, said Dr Abdul Wahid Baluch, Medical Director of Hadi Clinic, “Our patients serve as our partners, improving safety and quality by helping us understand their care experience, and offering suggestions and insights that enable us to improve our services constantly. Working together, we’ve developed effective facilities and care plans with patients and families that reflect their priorities and goals during their hospital stay. When patients and families leave the hospital, they are better prepared to manage their care and stay healthy”.

Hadi Clinic offers a unique and comprehensive facility for integrative healthcare and holistic space at the Essential Wellness Wing on the 4th floor. This healing space provides a unique combination of modern medicine with complementary therapies, multi-disciplinary initiatives, integrative, evidence-based approaches, clinical care, and natural treatments.




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A warm welcome to our new physician to Hadi Family! Dr. Abdullah Saleh Al Khawaled, Specialist Orthopedic Surgeon


Dr. Abdullah Saleh Al Khawaled
Specialist Orthopedic Surgeon

Graduate of the Royal College of Surgeons Ireland
Certified by the Kuwait Board of Orthopedic Surgery
Head of Complex Pelvic and Acetabular Fractures Team in Al-Razi Orthopedic Hospital

Cases of Treatments:

Diagnosis and treatment of all fractures
Sport injuries
Soft tissue enhanced healing through PRP
Non-Unions and Malunions
Shoulder and elbow pain
Bony deformities
Carpal tunnel syndrome and trigger finger

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New cardiology and internal medical clinics - Opening Soon !


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A warm welcome to our new physician to Hadi Family! Dr. Ali Hassan Chamseddine, Orthopedic Specialist


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A warm welcome to our new physician to Hadi Family! Dr. Gladdy George, Anesthesia Consultant


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A warm welcome to our new physician to Hadi Family! Dr. Amir Ahmed Abdulrazak Khattab, E.N.T. Senior Registrar


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Hadi Clinic welcomes our new joiner Dr. Hormese Pius Chakola, General Surgery Registrar


Cases of treatment :

Gastroenterology surgeries 

Inguinal, incisional, Ventral hernias

Circumcision, Hydrocele.

Hemorrhoids, Fissure in Anal, Fistula in Anal

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A warm welcome to our new physician to Hadi Family! Dr. Moustafa Elshahat, E.N.T. Specialist


Cases of treatment:


Middle ear effusion medically and by ventilation tubes

Tympanic membrane perforation


Conductive hearing loss

Deviated nasal septum

Hypertrophied inferior turbinate

Sinonasal polyps (FESS)

Laryngeal masses

Salivary glands and lymph nodes tumors

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Daisy Award Honoree Ms. Zarah Leah N. Sabado


The first DAISY Award Honoree is Ms, Zarah Leah N. Sabado. Congratulations from Hadi Family.

Hadi Clinic is very proud to be the 1st Hospital in Kuwait to launch “DAISY Awards”. DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses is an international foundation which awards Nurses who provide extraordinary compassionate care to patients. This program honors nurses all year long and not only during Nurses Week.

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A warm welcome to our new physician to Hadi Family! Dr. Atul Prakash - Consultant Orthopedic


Dr. Atul Prakash
Consultant Orthopedic 

MS Orthopedics, DNB Orthopedics 

Cases of treatment
- Joint replacement – Hip, Knee, Shoulder 
- Arthroscopy and Reconstruction – Knee, Shoulder
- Ultrasound guided injections
- Trauma Reconstruction, Deformity Correction

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A warm welcome to our new physician to Hadi Family! Dr. Ahmed Al-Harby - Diagnosis of Vascular Diseases


Dr. Ahmed Al-Harby
Diagnosis of Vascular Diseases

- Diagnosis of atherosclerosis and circulatory failure

- Examination of the carotid artery, heart disease and strokes

- Examination of the required blood vessels before kidney transplantation

- Diagnosis of renal artery stenosis

- Diagnosis of malformations and congenital defects in the blood vessels

- Diagnosis of aortic aneurysm and follow-up after repair

- Diagnosis and follow-up of blood clots and venous infections

- Diagnosis and follow-up of varicose veins

- Diagnosing diabetic foot conditions

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Andrology Services - Dr. Wael Magdy El Saied - Head of Urology & Senior Specialist Urology


Andrology services

Full evaluation and treatment of erectile dysfunction:

-        Full clinical assessment for the patient
-        Medical treatment for erectile dysfunction
-        Intracavernosal injection Therapy
-        Surgical management for erectile dysfunction including different types of penile implants (Inflatable, semirigid).
-        Full assessment and management of ejaculatory disorders, premature ejaculation, Anejaculation, delayed ejaculation.
-        Treatment of Peyronie’s disease
-        Treatment of sexual transmitted disease “STDs”


-        Full evaluation for infertility patients.
-        Treatment of hormonal disorders.
-        Surgical treatment of varicocele and other testicular problems.

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Pediatric Cardiology Clinic - Cardiac Ultrasound for Children


Dr. Sondos Abdul Rahman Alhudhud
Consultant Pediatrician, Pediatric Cardiology and Congenital Heart Defects, Fetal Heart

- Kuwaiti Board of Pediatrics
- Kuwaiti Pediatric Cardiology Fellowship
- Diploma in Fetal Heart of the American Heart Association, the British National Health Service, the Saudi Heart Association, and the Academy of Life Sciences in Kuwait
Specializing in:
- Congenital heart disease and defects in children and newborns
- Diagnosis of congenital defects in fetuses
- Treatment of arrhythmias in children and fetuses
- General Pediatric Diseases
Diagnostic tests
- Accurate diagnosis in ultrasound of the heart for newborns and children
- Precision sonar for fetal heart
- 24-hour rapid ECG (Holter)
- Cardiac stress test