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مستشفى هادي

A warm welcome to our new physician to Hadi Family! Dr. Wael El-Reshaid, Consultant Internal Medicine and Nephrology


Dr. Wael El-Reshaid
Consultant Internal Medicine and Nephrology

مستشفى هادي

Dr. Hadi Al-Faris - Dermatology Specialist


Dr. Hadi Al-Faris
Specialist Dermatology

German Board of Dermatology (Munich, Germany)
European Board of Dermatology


·      Acne Vulgaris
·      Eczema
·      Psoriasis Vulgaris
·      Alopecia Areata
·      Urticaria
·      Warts
·      Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS)
·      Melasma
·      Rosacea
·      Hair loss
·      Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) – Treatment by Botox
·      Skin Infection (Viral, Bacterial or Fungal)

مستشفى هادي

Andrology Services


Andrology services

Full evaluation and treatment of erectile dysfunction:

-        Full clinical assessment for the patient
-        Medical treatment for erectile dysfunction
-        Intracavernosal injection Therapy
-        Surgical management for erectile dysfunction including different types of penile implants (Inflatable, semirigid).
-        Full assessment and management of ejaculatory disorders, premature ejaculation, Anejaculation, delayed ejaculation.
-        Treatment of Peyronie’s disease
-        Treatment of sexual transmitted disease “STDs”


-        Full evaluation for infertility patients.
-        Treatment of hormonal disorders.
-        Surgical treatment of varicocele and other testicular problems.

مستشفى هادي

New Varicose Veins Clinic


Varicose Clinic
Dr.Hazem Ismail

Every Sunday and Wednesday from 7pm-10pm

مستشفى هادي

Pediatric Cardiology Clinic - Cardiac Ultrasound for Children


Dr. Sondos Abdul Rahman Alhudhud
Consultant Pediatrician, Pediatric Cardiology and Congenital Heart Defects, Fetal Heart

- Kuwaiti Board of Pediatrics
- Kuwaiti Pediatric Cardiology Fellowship
- Diploma in Fetal Heart of the American Heart Association, the British National Health Service, the Saudi Heart Association, and the Academy of Life Sciences in Kuwait
Specializing in:
- Congenital heart disease and defects in children and newborns
- Diagnosis of congenital defects in fetuses
- Treatment of arrhythmias in children and fetuses
- General Pediatric Diseases
Diagnostic tests
- Accurate diagnosis in ultrasound of the heart for newborns and children
- Precision sonar for fetal heart
- 24-hour rapid ECG (Holter)
- Cardiac stress test